"Midwit" was coined by Vox Day to describe individuals of above average intelligence, yet not too far from average. Essentially people smart enough to think about ideas, reason through them to some degree and feel confident, or more accurately, over confident and then cause damage. I was made aware the term by author, deplorable, and twitter troll, Michael "sick burns" Malice. Malice has made a living dunking on midwits via twitter. He likes to say that the sweet spot for midwits is the 115 IQ range.

I am fairly confident that I am above average intelligence. However, I am not so certain I quite make it to the 115 IQ threshold. But on the other hand, perhaps IQ is pseudo science garbage anyways, In which case I shouldn't be withheld the title of Midwit. Then, I can work to overcome my over confidence and my superficial understandings in this blog and life.