Have you had friends or family try to shill you bitcoin? well, whether you are here for the worlds first truly scarce asset, immutable transactions, revolutionary tech or just good old fashioned number go up, here is your chance to get a little taste!

  1. Open this blog post on your phone.

2. Use this referral link to get started on the Shakepay app.

3. Follow the prompts to set up your account. It will only take a few minutes.

4. Once set up you can fund your account almost instantly via an etransfer. send $100 in order to take advantage of the referral bonus of $30.  

Once funded it is simple to buy bitcoin. Hit the exchange arrows at the bottom of the main page. Once in the buy and sell screen the default should be from dollars to bitcoin. Just hit that max button to spend all $100!

The $30 referral bonus is for purchasing $100 of bitcoin (or ethereum, but don't bother with that). It will usually appear within a few days. Once the referral is processed you will also be able to shake your phone (literally just open the shakepay app and shake your phone) daily for free sats (100,000,000 sats= 1Bitcoin). More consecutive days will result in more free sats!